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To become a member simply fill out the form below and send it into the NILE office. PO Box 1981 Billings, MT 59103
All levels of membership include:
  • First access to tickets for NILE events one month prior to the public
  • Opportunity to buy additional guest passes to VIP/Hospitality rooms
  • Quarterly NILE Newsletter/E-Newsletters
  • Member listing on NILE Publications
  • 10% Discount on NILE merchandise with proof of membership
Individual Membership Levels
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to ALL PBR and NILE rodeo performances and more
This exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to the NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to select PBR and NILE rodeo performances and more.
This upper level membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal and more.
This level of membership includes: ticket to NILE annual meeting commemorative pin, decal, and more. (Does not include tickets to hospitality rooms)
This great entry level membership for youth ages 12-20 includes: tickets to the NILE annual meeting, commemorative pin, decal, NILE rodeo ticket and more. (This is an excellent way to add youth family members to any membership level)
Corporate Membership
Grand Level
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to all PBR and NILE rodeo performances, special parking, full page ads and more.
Gold Level
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to the NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to all PBR and NILE rodeo performances, 1/2 page ads and more.
Silver Level
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to all PBR and NILE rodeo performances, 1/4 page ads and more.
Bronze Level
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, 1/4 page ads and more.

Corporate Gold

Montagues Jewelers

Montagues Jewelers

Chris Montague 
Vintage 5

Vintage 5

Bo Wagner
Monica Kordonowy


Western Ag Reporter

Western Ag Reporter

John Goggins 
World West Sire Service

World West Sire Service

Scott and Andrea Spickard 


Agri Best Feeds

Agri Best Feeds

Scott Anderson 
Best Western Clock Tower Inn

Best Western Clock Tower Inn

Steve Wahrlich
Big Sky Economic Development

Big Sky Economic Development

Big Sky Irrigation, Inc.

Big Sky Irrigation, Inc.

Scott Swenson
Jim Sannon
Billings Clinic

Billings Clinic

Julie Nelson
Briggs Distributing

Briggs Distributing

Pete Borowick
C & B Operations - Billings

C & B Operations - Billings

Tim Schultz
Denny Menholt Chevrolet

Denny Menholt Chevrolet

Denny Menholt
Econo Print Stores

Econo Print Stores

Jim Berry
Eide Bailly LLP

Eide Bailly LLP

Fisher Water Services Inc

Fisher Water Services Inc

Chad & Lizzy Lorenz


David Binstock
Miller's Horse Palace

Miller's Horse Palace

Bobby and Teresa Miller
MT Cowboy Hall of Fame

MT Cowboy Hall of Fame

Christy Stensland
MT Farm Bureau Federation

MT Farm Bureau Federation

MT Stockgrowers Association

MT Stockgrowers Association

Jay Bodner
NorthWestern Energy

NorthWestern Energy

Lisa Perry
Musselshell Valley Equipment

Musselshell Valley Equipment

Bill Funk
MSU Rodeo Club

MSU Rodeo Club

Kyle Whitaker
Pierce Homes/RV

Pierce Homes/RV

G. Ron Pierce
Stockman Bank-Worden

Stockman Bank-Worden

Ryan Seimsen
Stockman Bank

Stockman Bank

Randy Vogele
Western Ranch Supply

Western Ranch Supply

Rob Erikson
Keith Robinson
Shayne Vandivort
Yellowstone Surgery Center

Yellowstone Surgery Center

Rob Gagnon

Gold Members

Shane & Kim Usselman, Sydney, MT

Todd Buchanan and Bob Dunker--Cowboy Club, Billings, MT

Silver Members

Les Best--Animal Health International, Billings, MT

Flying ER, Red Lodge, MT

Kenneth & Virginia Rauch--K.R. Rauch Company, Billings, MT

Glenn & Coleen Rood -- Billings, MT

Austin & Ashley Schlosser -- Austin's Barbershop

Kymm & Steve Stark, Huntley, MT

James D Sweet, Billings, MT

Kirby & Karmae Walborn--Walborn Cattle Company, Hardin, MT

Standard Members

Dennis Tresidder--Advanced Litho Printing, LLC, Billings, MT

All Services All Color Embroidery Services, Billings, MT

Gary & Kristy Hoffman --Al's Bootery, Billings, MT

Garry Brayko--Archie Cochrane Ford, Billings, MT

Mark Steffes--Auto Acres, Billings, MT

Chad & Stephanie Murnin -- Bar Star Cattle LLC.. Musselshell, MT

Doug & Sharon Stevenson--Basin Angus Ranch, Joliet, MT

Bill Cook--Billings Livestock Commission, Billings, MT

John Brewer--Billings Area Chamber of Commerce, Billings, MT

Dave Worstell -- Billings Gazette

Scott & Tami Bowen--Bowen Cattle Co LLC, Worden, MT

Al McCormick -- Bravera Bank, Billings, MT

Patti Brockel--Brockel's Chocolates, Billings, MT

Paul & Brenda Bromenshenk--Bromenshenk Farms, Billings, MT

Tucker Johnson -- Bucket Trucking, Shepherd, MT

Gilbert Burdett--Burdett Law Firm, PC, Billings, MT

Doug & Carol Rice--CD Angus, Park City, MT

Paul Gatzemeier--Coal Black Cattle Co, Billings, MT

Dave & Barb Wagner--Connolly's Western Wear, Billings, MT

Mark Cain--Corner Stone Financial, Billings, MT

Crowley Fleck PLLP, Billings, MT

Randy Sears -- Desert Mountain Broadcasting, Billings, MT

Kim Sindelar-Thompson--Dover Ranch Shorthorns, Billings, MT

Ron & Esther Fischer--Fischer Red Angus, Harlowton, MT

Zane Barragree --Genex Beef, Laurel, MT

Jacob Holloway -- Genex, Billings, MT

Glennie Ranches, Two Dot, MT

Doug Hall--Hall & Hall Inc, Billings, MT

Stewart and Colleen Keller & Family - Hibbard Creek Angus

Lois Hill--Hill Quarter Horses, Raynesford, MT

Carl Jensen Family--J.C. Jensen Inc, Lavina, MT

Roger & Sandy Jacobs--Jacobs Livestock Sales Inc, Billings, MT

Darryl & Kari Wagner--JL Farms Inc, Billings, MT

Norm Johannes--Johannes Ranch, Ballantine, MT

Robert & Darlene Keefer--Keefer Ranches, Billings, MT

Bob Scott-- Kelley Connect, Bozeman, MT

Kehler Grain & Livestock, St. Xavier, MT

Bill & Jeff Keller--Keller Land & Cattle Co, Inc, Custer, MT

Tim Crowley--Kids N Cowboys, Billings, MT

Brian & Anjel Kindsfather--Kindsfather Farms, Laurel, MT

Ryan Brosseau -- KTVQ-2, Billings, MT

Jon Arneson --KULR-8 Television-Cowles Montana Media Company, Billings, MT

L O Cattle Company, Billings, MT

Dave & Karen Kelsey--Lakeview Land & Livestock, Inc, Molt, MT

Barabra and Lindsay Serazo--Lazy E.S. Ranch, Joliet, MT

Rick & Brenda Kraft--Little Valley Ranch, Billings, MT

Ed & Roxie Kraft--Little Valley Ranch, Billings, MT

Leo & Sam McDonnell--McDonnell Angus, Columbus, MT

Lorie Nelson--Montana Liquor, Billings, MT

Montana Silversmiths, Columbus, MT

Montana Livestock Ag Credit Inc, Helena, MT

Danny & Corie Mydland--Mydland Angus, Joliet, MT

Taylor & Shannon Brown--Northern Ag Network, Billings, MT

Jessica Duray--Northwest Farm Credit Services, Billings, MT

George Yost--Nutra-Lix Inc, Billings, MT

Steve Madsen--Overhead Door Co, Billings, MT

Deb Parker--Parker & Co. Real Estate, Billings, MT

Kathy Opperud--Payne West Insurance, Inc, Billings, MT

James Stampfel--Pine Coulee Angus, Absarokee, MT

Lynn & Brenda Presby, Freedom, NH

Ed & Debbie Hinton--Rafter Diamond Quarter Horses, Scobey, MT

Mark Norem--Real Estate & Livestock Broker, Big Timber, MT

Phil Nardinger --Red Lodge Rodeo Association, Red Lodge, MT

Bob & Cathy Redland--Redland Gelbvieh & Red Angus, Hysham, MT

Wanda Reisig--Reisig Agency Inc, Hardin, MT

Linda & Charlie Lewis--Rock Creek Red Angus, Joliet, MT

Beverly Meged--Rocke Enterprises

Bryce & Lesli Glen -- Rocky Mountain Compost Inc., Billings, MT

Gary & Della Ruff--Ruff, Inc, Custer, MT

Jay & Gayle Nansel--Select Sires, Billings, MT

Gregg and Jay Carroll--Shipton's Big R Stores, Billings, MT

Greg & Karen Rice - Spanish Q Inc., Ennis, MT

Roy Parker -- Spectrum Reach, Billings, MT

Curt Cotton -- Stockman Bank, Billings, MT

Tierani Brusett -- Stockman Bank, Billings, MT

Turk & Jenny Stovall--Stovall Ranches LLC, Billings, MT

Robert Kraft--Sunny Valley Farms, Laurel, MT

Jason & Jane Callantine--Timber Line Ranch, Belgrade, MT

Michael Sutton - Townsquare Media - Billings, MT

George Griemsman--Two Rivers Feed, Nanton, AB

Lindsay Sears--Two-W Livestock Equipment Ltd, Billings, MT

James & Bonnie Whipps -- UV2 Quarter Horses & Appaloosas

Bill Underriner--Underriner Motors, Billings, MT

Kory & Dylan Loberg--Universal Awards, Billings, MT

Deb French - US Bank, Billings, MT

Brian & Teresa Walker -- Walker Ranch, Musselshell, MT

Rob Erickson—Western Ranch Supply, Billings, MT

Keith Robinson—Western Ranch Supply, Billings, MT

Shayne Vandivort—Western Ranch Supply, Billings, MT

Lea Hackey --Western Security Bank, Billings, MT

Tiffany Madden --Wipfli LLP, Billings, MT

Justin Mills--X Ring Ranch, Upton, MT

Charles Yegen—Yegen Family LLC, Billings, MT

Yellowstone Bank - Billings, MT

Gary Adams--Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch, Billings, MT

Laverne Ivie--Yellowstone Conservation District, Billings, MT

Brandon Whitman--Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op, Huntley, MT

Genn A. Nielson--Y-Tex Corporation, Cody, WY

Gary & Holly Adams, Billings, MT

Terrell & Jill Ackerman, Billings, MT

George Amen, Billings, MT

Harold & Betty Blattie, Billings, MT

Clint Branger, Roscoe, MT

Butch & Shannon Bratsky - Billings, MT

Deb & Brad Brettin, Roberts, MT

Cheri & Roy Brim, Billings, MT

John & Laurie Carrel, Columbus, MT

Steve & Monica Cellmer, Billings, MT

Mike & Bonnie DeVerniero, Billings, MT

Link & Holly Dorvall, Fromberg, MT

Dorothy Frey, Cody, WY

Rinda Galarneau, Billings, MT

Marla & Rick Hamilton, Park City, MT

Tyrel & Cory Hamilton, Park City, MT

Tom & Robin Hanel, Billings, MT

Clarence & Julianne Hofer, Huntley, MT

Mike & Eva Hollenbeck, Billings, MT

Roger & Darla Huebner, Billings, MT

Gunnar & Charlene Johnson, Anaconda, MT

Evan & Stephanie Johnson, Huntley, MT

Scott & Vicki Johnson, Billings, MT

Gene & Ronna Klamert, Billings, MT

Mike Krum - Ballantine, MT

Robert & Lacey Lanaghan, Laurel, MT

Ed & Muriel Lenhardt, Billings, MT

Tom & Donna Lowry, Billings, MT

Greg Mathews, Buffalo, MT

Melvin McCarver, Belgrade, MT

Gloria Mang, Billings, MT

Al & Linda McCormick, Billings, MT

Darren Miller, Billings, MT

Hugh Miller Family, Rock Falls, IL

Melodie Milroy, Billings, MT

Wayne Morford & Jan Alexander, Miles City, MT

Don & Ann Mork, Sanders, MT

Merrill & Kathleen Ostrum, Fishtail, MT

Frank Pelican, Billings, MT

John Pocock, Sugar City, ID

Gordon & Doris Radke, Worden, MT

Chad & Kelli Reisig, Billings, MT

Dustin & Rebecca Reisig, Lewistown, MT

C.T. Ripley, Huntley, MT

Doug & Anna Robinette, Nye, MT

Gary & Julie Robinson, Shepherd, MT

Glen Roen, Worden, MT

Kelly & Kristie Rutledge, Big Sandy, MT

Ervin Schlemmer, Joliet, MT

Douglas Schlepp, Billings, MT

John, Bailey & Wendy Shaw, Worden, MT

Donovan & Rhonda Thomas, Bridger, MT

Judith Wallinder, Billings, MT

Associate Members

Hugh Braaten, Townsend, MT

James and Tom Butcher, Lewistown, MT

Dan Deichmann, Hobson, MT

Chance Lewis Eaton, Nye, MT

Claire Justus, Parkman, WY

Konnar Knotwell, Encampment, WY

Hannah Kraft, Billings, MT

Kelsey Kraft, Billings, MT

Lane Krutzfeldt, Powderville, MT

Mickey Amen Mack, Billings, MT

Duane Martin, Billings, MT

Bob & Kathe Mensik, Red Lodge, MT

Kat Pfau, Billings, MT

Brenda Presby, Freedom, NH

Lou Schreiter, Joliet, MT

Shannon Steffes, Alburquerque, NM

Pam Stringari-Brazelton, Gillette, WY

Klint Swanson, Chinook, MT

Braden West, Sheridan, WY

Junior Members

Hannah Adams, Billings, MT
Haylee Adams, Billings, MT
Cade Anderson, Riverton, WY
Josaphine Ankeny, Decker, MT
Keala Archer, Priest River, ID
Bayley Becker, Ballantine, MT
Kyle Belles, Spangle, WA
Cheyla Bennett, Casper, WY
Kylie Bergum, Culbertson, MT
Wyatt Berkram, Cut Bank, MT
Leah Berry, Vida, MT
Chase Bireley, Richey, MT
Cadence Blankenship, Miles City, MT
Dalton Bliss, Sand Springs, MT
Ashton Blubaugh, Deer Lodge, MT
Jacynta Bomgardner, Loma, MT
Aspen Brazelton, Powell, WY
TJ Brown Stevensille, MT
Wes Brown, Stevensville, MT
Elizabeth Brownell, Three Forks, MT
Violet Browning, Livingston, MT
Garrett Burkett, Evansville, WY
Corinne Canen, Glendive, MT
Scarlett Carney, Carbondale, CO
Charlee Cline, Gold Creek, MT
Molly Cooksey Roggen, CO
Hadley Cooper, Powell, WY
Kale Cordill, Cheney, WA
Jenna Cox, Walla Walla, WA
Taryn Cox, Walla Walla, WA
Skyler David, Miles City, MT
Sophie David, Miles City, MT
Piper Davis, Belgrade, MT
Ryan Decker, Cody, WY
Becky deMontigny Helena, MT
Adilyn Elverud, Richey, MT
Grace Elverud, Charlo, MT
Cody England, Lewistown, MT
Madison Flowers, Shepherd, MT
Helaina Fowler, Lewistown, MT
Morgan Friede, Chinook, MT
Karmen Garcia, Roberts, MT
Anna Geddes, Connell, WA
Kaine Geddes, Connell, WA
Isabell Gilleard, Stevensville, MT
Raija Gustin, Aikin, MN
Kenzie Herden, Bridger, MT
Whitney Herden, Bridger, MT
Baylee Herman, Simms, MT
Weston Hersel, Lewistown, MT
Cadee Hess, Park City, MT
Lane Hess, Park City, MT
Brianna Hollingsworth, Cheyenne, WY
Halle Huston, Wheatland, WY
Kellyn Jaynes, Filer, ID
Asha Jerke, Clyde Park, MT
Wyatt Johannes, Worden, MT
Brooke Johnson, Huntley, MT
Miranda Johnson, Huntley, MT
Evan Jones, Rozet, WY
Cooper Justus, Parkman, WY
Dylan Kamps, Three Forks, MT
Hadley Kautz, Huntley, MT
Porter Kindsfather, Billings, MT
Preston Kindsfather, Billings, MT
Leo Kipp, Browning, MT
Jacob Klaudt, Beulah, ND
Abby Knoll, Columbus, MT
Lily Knoll, Columbus, MT
Wade Kramer, Columbus, MT
Brighton Lane, Huntley, MT
Jerome Lipp, Newcastle, WY
Isabelle Lowry, Helena, MT
Bethany Lyford, Kalispell, MT
Jaxyn Lyson, Baker, MT
Kennedy Lyson, Baker, MT
Mickenzie Marks, Hermiston, OR
Jaden Martin, Lewistown, MT
Kyla Mather, Wilsall, MT
Cooper McNally, Sidney, MT
Mariah McPhee, Belgrade, MT
Kade Meacham, Connell, WA
Layne Meek, Glendive, MT
Weston Meneses, Phillipsburg, MT
Ethan Mills, Upton, WY
Chase Milles, Upton, WY
Maddie Mills, Upton, WY
Emmah Mix, Glasgow, MT
Travis Moniz, Princeton, CA
McKenzie Mork, Sanders, MT
Raegan Nansel, Billings, MT
Shiloh Neal, Valier, MT
Hayden O'Hara, Cody, WY
Kaylee Olson, Froid, MT
Grace Ones, Kenmore, ND
Tyler Pancost, Twin Bridges, MT
Paige Paul, Gordon, NE
Jaeda Paul, Ismay, MT
Jenna Paul, Ismay, MT
Jordan Paul, Ismay, MT
Emily Peck, Shepherd, MT
Hayden Pelkey, Corvallis, MT
Quintin Perkins, Deer Lodge, MT
Ione Plummer, Kalispell, MT
Mackenzie Porter, Harrisonville, MO
Phillip Prewett, Park City, MT
Samantha Prouty, Corning, CA
Sadie Putnam, Lander, WY
Emily Rossi, Yampa, CO
Avery Roth, New Leipzig, ND
Shayla Russell, Absarokee, MT
Andrea Rutledge, Big Sandy, MT
Lance Rutledge, Big Sandy, MT
Nyssa Schairer, Corvallis, MT
Owen Scholsser, Shepherd, MT
Georgia Scholsser, Shepherd, MT
Ty Shackleford, Plentywood, MT
Wylee Simenson, Chinook, MT
Wacee Simenson, Chinook, MT
Ashton Smeltzer, Glendive, MT
Luke Steele, Cottonwood, CA
Carson Stevenson, Hobson, MT
Bree Swanson, Chinook, MT
Austin Swanson, Chinook, MT
Mason Thom, Lewistown, MT
Tag Thompson, Powell, WY
Teah Vennes, Wilsall, MT
Leann Wandler, Stevensville, MT
Chloie Wardell, Sheridan, WY
Payton Weigle, Stevensville, MT
Jhett West, Sheridan, WY
Alyssa Williams, Ritzville, WA
Hunter Wilson, Arlington, OR
Katherine Windy Boy, Box Elder, MT
Georgia Wortman, Big Sandy, MT
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