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NILE Ranch Rodeo Finals

Saturday, October 12th | 7pm | MetraPark

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No matter if you've never been to a ranch rodeo or you're a die-hard fan, the NILE Ranch Rodeo is wild, Western, and whole lot of fun. The contestants are working cowboys that are out on the ranch every day. They compete for the bragging rights and the chance of added jingle in their pockets.

The events that the teams of four (five if the team has a designated bronc rider) compete in these great events: Ranch Bronc Riding, Wild Cow Milking, Team Branding, Team Doctoring and Team Trailering. The events are supposed to imitate tasks that are done on the ranch. Broncs have to be tamed, mama cows must be out-maneuvered, calves need branding, sick steers need doctored and yearlings have to loaded up. Although the prairies and pastures don't have big screens with instant replay, it's a close representation to what cowhands do on the range.

The Ranch Rodeo at the NILE is a Finals, meaning ranch rodeos from around the region sanction with the NILE and send their winning teams to compete. It's the best of the best vying for the awards and cash. Catch all the ranch rodeo action every summer by attending the sanctioned ranch rodeos and keeping up with who will make to the NILE.

Join us after the rodeo for the Dance in the Dirt. At the conclusion of the awards make your way down to the arena floor for a country concert.

1st place through 4th place: paid 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% of pot
1st and 2nd place: Qualify for the WSSRA Finals in Winnemmucca, NV (must be WSRRA card carrying teams)
Top Horse: The most athletic, cowy, best-partner-a-cowboy-could-have, horse is given a prize
Top Hand: The handiest, best helper, the-person-you-want-helping-you-at-the-ranch wins a saddle
Hard Luck Team: Last place team wins Wild Rags by Lois as a consolation for have tough luck
Best Bronc Rider: Wins Belt Buckle

2018 Results

Sand Springs Cattle
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Custer Ranch Rodeo
1st place--Sand Springs Cattle
2nd place--Hook Ranch
3rd place--Montana Ranch Horse Association
Top Cowboy--Jay Blankenship
Top Cowgirl--Rachel Mitchell
Top Horse--Ridden by Clint Potts

Bozeman Roundup Ranch Rodeo
1st place--Cow Camp Supply
2nd place--Landis Cattle Company
3rd place--The Wild Bunch
4th place--Ledford Grazing Association
5th place--Kenyon Noble

Park County Wyoming Fair Ranch Rodeo
1st place--Hooks Ranch
2nd place--41 Spear Ranch
3rd place--Cowboy Relief
4th place--Lazy J 3 Quarter Horses
5th place--Circle Wave Ranch
6th place--Dryhead Ranch
7th place--Rock Creek Ranch
8th place--tied The Buttons and Pryor Mountain Ranch
10th place--Bear Creek Unit
Top Horse--Gillian Severe
Top Hand--Mike Lloyd

Eastern Wyoming Ranch Rodeo
1st place--Bootheel 7 Livestock
2nd place--Hageman for Governor
3rd place--Sturman Ranch

ConneXion Ranch Rodeo
1st place--Dragging Y Cattle Company
2nd place--Trail Creek Land & Livestock
3rd place--Lazy J3 Quarter Horses/The Rounders
4th place Mulvey Gulch Ranch
Top Hand--Cole Hunsicker from the Mulvey Gulch Ranch

Phillips County Saddle Club Ranch Rodeo
1st place--Glasgow Stockyards
2nd place--Overpass Ranch
3rd place--Salveson Ranch
Top Horse--Jim Robinson

Madison County Fair Ranch Rodeo Results
1st place--Hamilton Ranch, Twin Bridges, MT
2nd place--Dragging Y, Dillon, MT
3rd place--Horse Creek Hay & Cattle, Sheridan, MT
4th place--Hair Pin Ranch, Jackson, MT
5th place--Snowline Grazing Association, Lima, MT
6th place--Askin Livestock, Belgrade, Mt
7th place--Strawberry Ridge Ranch, Livingston, MT
8th place--Bar BD Ranch

Wilsall Ranch Rodeo Results
1st Place--Hamilton Ranch- Twin Bridges, MT
Tie for 2nd & 3rd Place--Diamond S Bar Ranch- Billings, MT and Shields Valley Ranch- Wilsall, MT
4th Place--Hereim Ranch- White Sulphur Springs, MT
5th Place-- Ranch Co- Livingston, MT
6th Place--CW Cattle- Livingston, MT
7th Place--Slick Horns- Wilsall, MT
8th Place--Northfork Raiders- White Sulphur Springs, MT
Top Hand- David Fryer- Northfork Raiders, White Sulphur Springs, MT
Top Horse- "Moon" Ridden By: Cassie Holland, Shields Valley Crew, Wilsall, MT

Wyoming State Fair Ranch Rodeo Results
1st place--Broken Arrow Livestock
2nd place--4 3 Ranch
3rd place--Bootheel 7 Livestock
4th place--Renegade Team
5th place--Berger Ranch
6th place--Hanson Livestock
7th place--Team Rough Country
8th place--5 D Livestock

Ingomar Ranch Rodeo Results
1st place--Reid Ranch
2nd place--Sand Creek Cattle Co.
3rd place--Buck Naked Rodeo
4th place--Badly Scattered Cattle Co.
5th place--Heart J Ranch
6th place--NN Cattle
7th place--Weeding Performance Horses
8th place--Cross 4
9th place--6X Ranch
10th place--Cowboys Bar and Grill

Neal Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo
1st place--Leland Red Angus/High Plains Vet
2nd place--Steppler Ranch
3rd place--Alkali Inc.

Radio Reports

Tune in every Tuesday and Friday at 8:15 a.m. to hear the Ranch Rodeo Radio Report on KGHL 790 AM and 94.7 FM

Dance in the Dirt

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After the Ranch Rodeo come down to the arena floor for a concert! It's going to be a hootin' hollerin' heck of a good time! Kick up your heels. Dance in the Dirt is included in the Ranch Rodeo ticket.

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