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Superintendent: Tom Sparks - Plevna, MT - 406-778-2320

Judge: Clint Rusk - Stillwater, OK

Barn Available: 8:00 am - Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

In Place: 12 Noon - Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Processing: 12 - 2 pm - Wednesday, Oct 16th

Judging: 8:00 am - Thurs., Oct. 17th, 2019 (Jr then Open)

Release Date: After the show, Thursday Oct 17

Entry Fee: $50/class ($35/class for animals entered and shown in Jr Show)
(Postmarked by Sept 4th. After Sept 4th a $25/head late fee will apply)

Host Hotel: Red Lion Hotel | 406-248-7701

Champion Hereford Female
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2018 Hereford Show Results

Judge: Jason Hoffman - Thedford, NE

Grand Champion Female:
NJW 36A 10W Turquoise 22E ET
Exhibited By: Ned & Jan Ward - Sheridan, WY
Sire: LJR 023R Whitmore 10W

Reserve Champion Female:
Exhibited By: Storey Hereford Ranch - Bozeman, MT
Sire: BR Nitro Aventus 3116 ET

Grand Champion Bull:
NJW 76S 27A Long Range 203D ET
Exhibited By: Ned & Jan Ward - Sheridan, WY
Sire: NJW 135U 10Y Hometown 27A

Reserve Champion Bull
GCS Humdinger 705 ET
Exhibited By: Gene Stillahn - Cheyenne, WY
Sire: GKB 88X Laramie B293
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