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Gelbvieh & Balancer

Superintendent: Kathy Rankin - Oilmont, MT - 406-937-4815

Judge: Clint Rusk - Stillwater, OK

Barn Available: 8:00 am - Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

In Place: 12 Noon - Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Processing: 12 - 2 pm - Wednesday, Oct 17th

Judging: 8:00 am - RING A (show ring will be split) - Thurs., Oct. 18th, 2018 (Jr then Open)

Release Date: After the show, Thursday Oct 18

Entry Fee: $50/class ($35/class for animals entered and shown in Jr Show)
(Postmarked by Sept 5th. After Sept 5th a $25/head late fee will apply)

Host Hotel: Best Western Clocktower Inn - 800-628-9081

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2017 Gelbvieh/Balancer Show Results

Judge: Jason Hoffman - Thedford, NE

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female:
Exhibited By: Maddie Lehrkamp - Hermosa, SD
Sire: DCSF Post Rock Astronaut

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Female:
Cov Miss 662D
Exhibited By: Covington Gelbvieh - Montrose, CO
Sire: Lazy TV Tank

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull:
JLSL Apollo
Exhibited By: Legderwood Gelbvieh - Clarkston, WA
Sire: JDPD Time Traveler

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Bull:
CCMF Mr Impact 48C ET
Exhibited By: Ledgerwood Gelbvieh - Clarkston, WA
Sire: HYEK Black Impact 3960N

Grand Champion Balancer Female:
E6L Vivian C1083
Exhibited By: JW LeDoux - Ree Heights, SD
Sire: Eagle Pass Protege

Reserve Champion Balancer Female:
EGL Lass E3200
Exhibited By: JW LeDoux - Ree Heights, SD
Sire: E6L Roundhouse B019

Grand Champion Balancer Bull:
Exhibited By: Grace Steenbergen - Cheyenne, WY
Sire: Scharpe Hybrid Vigor

Reserve Champion Balancer Bull:
CHIP Roundhouse 7238E
Exhibited By: JW LeDoux - Ree Heights, SD
Sire: E6L Roundhouse B019
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