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NILE Merit Heifer Program

The purpose of the project is to help youth get a start in the beef cattle business by awarding heifer calves to project participants chosen on the basis of merit, future goals and ability to care for the animal. Any youth that is between the ages of twelve (12) and sixteen (16) years of age as of JUNE 30, of the given year and a 4-H or FFA member may enter. Entries are not limited to Montana. Entries will be made in the form of an application, (think of this as applying for a live animal scholarship) with a deadline of JUNE 30. Project participants will be selected by October and will be recognized at the NILE Stock Show in October.

Each program participant will own their heifer jointly with NILE until the completion of the program, at which time NILE officials will sign off and the participant will take full ownership of the heifer. During the program duration, participants are responsible for raising the heifer, arranging for her bred, completing the record keeping procedure and bringing the animal back one year later as a bred replacement heifer for exhibit at the NILE Stock Show.

The program is completed after the heifer is determined bred, all record keeping has been completed and the heifer has been shown at the NILE Stock Show. Note: participants will not sell their program animals at NILE, the purpose of this program is to help the participant start his or her own cattle herd.

Completed applications may be mailed to:
NILE Merit Heifer Program
P.O. Box 1981
Billings, MT 59103

- You must be ages 12 – 16 as of JUNE 30 of given year
- You must be either a 4-H or FFA member
- Entries are not limited to Montana
- Applicants must be a NILE member. (Youth Membership $25)

Criteria for selection:
Commitment to agriculture, future goals for a production operation, and the ability to feed and raise the animal in a proper setting.

Application consists of:
- Application: Your application must be filled out entirely and signed by all parties listed.

- Personal Letter from Applicant

* Three References on Application: Reference that our committee may call if needed.
* Three Reference Letters: must be from people other than those written on the application.

- YouTube Video: must include, but is not limited too:
* Introduction of Applicant
* Facility Tour
* Current 4-H/FFA Projects
* Goals & Objectives for Merit Heifer if selected
* Must be voiced by the applicant
* Remaining time is for the applicant to be CREATIVE and show the committee they are worthy of receiving a heifer.

- Junior Membership Fee: A $25.00 Jr. Membership fee is required.

You may send in your payment with your completed application. Refunds may be requested by applicants who are not awarded a heifer and do not wish to stay a Jr. Member. Written requests for refunds must be made by November 30.

June 30, 2018

Any questions contact:
Program Chairman: Dwain Hould –
Program Coordinator: Shelby Shaw–
NILE Office: (406) 256-2495

Check out the NILE Merit Heifer Facebook Page for more info!

2018 NILE Merit Heifer Donors



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