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Jr. Fed Sale of Champions

Join us in supporting youth active in the agriculture industry as they sell market steers, hogs, lambs and goats in the 2022 NILE Jr. Fed Sale of Champions on Monday, October 17th at 4 p.m. in the Montana Pavilion at MetraPark.

Raising a market animal is so much more than just teaching youth what it's like to produce high-quality protein for consumption. When these kids chose to raise a market animal, they committed to early mornings, sacrificed their weekends and much of their free time, formed a strategy to attain their goals for themselves and their animals, and so much more. The youth that are bringing their animals to NILE are our future business leaders, future ranchers who are committed to feeding the world, and future parents who will teach their kids the same character traits that raising livestock taught them. Despite the fact that you can buy your steak from the grocery store, remember that it won't come with the same promise of hope for the future that these youth can offer you.

These exhibitors have spent countless hours and dollars, feeding and caring for these animals in preparation for their final market shows. In order for many to continue with these projects the following year, save for college, or make plans for the future, they rely heavily on the funds they have made from the NILE.

How You Can Buy:
Option 1: If you can attend the auction in person, you can make your own bids and enjoy the excitement of the sale or send a representative.
Option 2: Watch and place bids online through Northern Livestock Video Auction.
Option 3: Authorize the Jr Fed Sale Committee to bid on your behalf. Contact Shayne Vandivort (406)-861-7184 or the NILE Office at

Buyer's Options:
Option A: BUYER DOES NOT WISH TO KEEP THE ANIMAL. Buyer pays the difference between the bid price and the established market price. Animal is resold to the packer at prices announced prior to the sale. EXAMPLE: Buyer purchases a 1200 pound steer @ $1.65 per pound (a bid price of $1,980), the steer is then resold @ $1.20 per pound ($1,440), buyer net cost is $540. This dollar amount is awarded to the youth selling the animal in addition to the resale value. NOTE: Net cost to buyer through "Option A" is tax deductible in most instances. Please contact your tax advisor.

Option B: BUYER WISHES TO KEEP OWNERSHIP OF THE ANIMAL. Buyer retains ownership of the purchased animal and pays full bid price and processing fees. The animal will be delivered to the processor of buyer's choice within the area. Arrangements with the processor to be made by the buyer. EXAMPLE: $1.65 x 1200 lbs = $1,980 net cost to buyer.


Help us support the future of agriculture and ultimately, the future of our great nation by purchasing an animal (or two) at the NILE Jr. Fed Sale of Champions.
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