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Gold Buckle Select Horse Sale

NILE Horse Sales

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The NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sales are conducted and managed by a committee whose members have a variety of experience in the equine industry. The mission is to hold sales where breeders, trainers, and exhibitors can market high-quality horses to buyers from all over the United States and Canada. A few have even been sold to foreign countries. The sale horses have been selected by the committee and screened by a DVM prior to the sale. Every effort is made to sell only the top quality horses out of those consigned.

For questions or more information, please call (406) 256-2497 or email bonnie@thenile.org.

Check out the NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sale Facebook page to see horses entered in the sale.

Miller's Horse Palace
Link to Online Horse Sale Catalog:

Sale preview (Friday, Oct 16th) will be live streamed on the NILE website.

Sale (Saturday, Oct 17th) will be available online through Frontier Live Sale.

**NEW IN 2020**


Saturday, October 17th, 11:00 AM

Friday, October 16th 10:00 AM
Preview Order:
Weanling/Yearling Parade
Barrels or Poles
General Preview
Cow Work (cutting or boxing)
Roping - Tie-Down, Breakaway, or Team Roping

Weanling/Yearling Halter Jackpot will be Saturday, October 17th, 9 AM

Consignment Entry Deadline: August 5th

Rope, Rodeo, Ranch Horses Galore, Versatile Prospects, and lots more!

Please email Bonnie, bonnie@thenile.org, if you'd like to be added to the Catalog Mailing List.

Thank you sponsors

First Interstate Bank
Tri-State Livestock News
Agri-Best Feeds
Montana Quarter Horse Association

Sale Averages and High Sellers

2019 High Selling Performance Horse
1 of 17

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Weanling Average $1,780.00 $1,162.50 $1,393.00 $1,373.23 $1,106.58
Weanling High $6,700.00 $2,700.00 $3,600.00 $5,200.00 $2,600.00

Weanling Horses Sold 40.00 32.00 (107 toal w/y) (102 total w/y)
Yearling Average $2,772.50 $2,211.76 $1,393.00 $1,373.23 $1,821.66
Yearling High $6,750.00 $4,700.00 $3,900.00 $4,700.00 $4,100.00

Yearling Horses Sold 20.00 34.00 (107 toal w/y) (102 total w/y)
Perf. Average $6,007.32 $4,490.32 $4,739.47 $4,916.43 $6,005.68
Perf. High $18,700.00 $12,000.00 $10,000.00 $12,000.00 $13,000.00

Perf. Horses Sold 28.00 31.00 57.00 70.00

Weanling/Yearling Horse Sale
Average: 1,780.48
High Seller: $6,700 Lot 730 TDM Blue Stormy Star consigned by Swenson Martin Horse & Cattle Co. and purchased by the Dyk Ranch

Average: $2,772.50
High Seller: $6,750 Lot 737 Smart Kit Cat consigned by Fink Quarter Horses and purchased by Dennis Miller

Performance Horse Sale
Average: $6,007.32
Top Five Average: $14,240
High Seller: $18,700 Lot 914 High Rolling Rooster consigned by Andy J. or Megan A. Hansen and purchased by Diamond Cross Ranch on behalf of Steve and Janet Kilean

Weanling/Yearling Horse Sale
Average $1,703.03
66 horses

Average Weanling $1,162.50 for 32 horses
Average Yearling $2,211.76 for 34 horses

High selling weanling lot #685 Dualin Shiner sold by Nicole Weiss, bought by Cooper Performance Horses for $2,700
High selling yearling lot #602 The Masqued Bonanza sold by Brenda & Mel Flottmeyer, bought by Richard Johnson for $4,700

Performance Horse Sale
Average $4,490.32
31 horses

High selling performance horse lot #830 A Flaming Zippo sold by Matt Wznick--Dragon Ass Performance Horses, bought by Duane or Nicky Stellfug for $12,000

Weanling/Yearling Horse Sale
Average $1,393
107 horses

High Selling Weanling Lot #629 sold by James Moldenhauer purchased by Cooper Performance Horses $3,600
High Selling Yearling Lot #648 sold by Ron & Donna Burns purchased by Joni Knox $3,900

Performance Horse Sale
Average $4,739.47
57 Horses

High Selling Performance Horse Lot #830 sold by Kenneth Mintling purchased by Cassidy Jesperson $10,000
High Selling Performance Horse Lot #838 sold by Dan Bird purchased by Casey Lange $10,000


Weanling/Yearling Horse Sale
Average $1,373.23
102 horses

High Selling Weanling Lot #573 sold by Rafter Diamond Quarter Horses purchased by Sarah Pertuit $5,200

High Selling Yearling Lot #537 sold by Kristy and James Moldenhauer purchased by Cooper Performance Horses $4,700

Performance Horse Sale
Average $4,916.43
70 horses

High Selling Lot #713 sold by Dennis and Holly Ginkens purchased by Greg Goggins $12,000

Weanling/Yearling Sale Average: $1,422.06
Weanling Average: $1,106.58
Yearling Average: $1,821.66
Filly Average: $1,268.91
Colt/Gelding Average: $1,566.13

Performance Horse Sale Average: $6,005.68
Mares: $3,845.00
Geldings: $6,786.36

High Selling Weanlings: Both sold for $2,600
True French Sweetie (Lot 640) sold by Gary and Deb Mailloux of Vale, SD bought by Kempetive Edge
Performance Horses.
Whiskey N Gunfire (Lot 644) sold by Fink Quarter Horses of Hysham, MT bought by John and Shelly Now

High Selling Yearling: $4,100
Trouble With Guns (Lot 680) Sold by A+ Quarter Horses of Deer Lodge, MT bought by Mark Gatrell

High Selling Performance Horse: $13,000
Red Flick Bar (Lot 821) Sold by Mathew Wznick of Powderville, MT bought by Tom Colgan.
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