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Gold Buckle Select Horse Sales

NILE Horse Sales

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Online Entry https://forms.gle/9yMoP7Kheng5XyQL6

The NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sales are conducted and managed by a committee whose members have a variety of experience in the equine industry. The mission is to hold sales where breeders, trainers, and exhibitors can market high-quality horses to buyers from all over the United States and Canada. A few have even been sold to foreign countries. The sale horses have been selected by the committee and screened by a DVM prior to the sale. Every effort is made to sell only the top quality horses out of those consigned.

For questions or more information, please call (406) 256-2497 or email kenzie@thenile.org.

Check out the NILE Gold Buckle Horse Sale Facebook page to see horses entered in the sale.

Weanlings and Yearlings

Friday, October 18, 12:30 p.m.
Halter Jackpot preview 9 a.m.

Entry Deadline: August 10

Top Selling Registered AQHA Weanling receives fly sheet blanket and membership courtesy of MQHA (Montana Quarter Horse Association)

Performance Horse Sale

Saturday, October 19, 12:30 p.m.
Preview 8 a.m.

Entry Deadline: August 10

80 horses cataloged! Rope, rodeo, ranch horses and more!

Consigning a Horse to the Sale

Pedigree Form

Pedigree Form

Online Entry https://forms.gle/9yMoP7Kheng5XyQL6
PDF Form Below
Printed forms at NILE Office

Entries due 5 p.m. August 10

Questions, contact Kenzie Holmberg (406) 256-2497 kenzie@thenile.org
Horse Committee Chairman: Scott Bowen (406) 794-1862

2018 NILE Horse Sale Rules

Weanling/Yearling Sale Friday, October 18 th

Performance Horse Sale Saturday, October 19 th

Consignments Due by 5 p.m. August 10th

1) I/We warrant title to each consigned animal herein entered and agree to defend said title against all adverse claims. NILE may act as my agent in the named sale at public auction of the named animal, with full authority to transfer title thereon and to receive the proceeds of such sale for my account. I covenant and agree to indemnify and hold harmless NILE from any and all costs, liabilities and sundry expenses (including attorney fees) incurred because of, or arising out of, any question of title or defect to any or all consigned animals, or resulting from liens, attachments or claims against the net proceeds from the sale thereof. All title to, interest in, possession of and management of each consignment shall remain with me until fall of the gavel or other such customary manner of announcement of completion of the sale.

2) I, hereby for myself, my horse(s), my heirs, executors and personal representative, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages against NILE, its Board of Directors, Staff, Membership, Sponsors, and MetraPark, Yellowstone County, their representatives, successors, and assigns for any and all damages, theft, death, or injuries incurred due to my participation in this event.

3) I understand that a Selection Committee will accept or decline consignments based, in part, on an application, video and/or pictures provided by me. Once horse is cataloged, no other refunds of consignment fees will be issued for any reason. If accepted and cataloged, I authorize NILE to screen my consignment at an on-site, pre-sale screening conducted by a licensed veterinarian and screening committee. Committee shall have authority to accept or reject consignments at its discretion based on soundness, health, and disposition. Soundness is considered: sight in both eyes, good in the air, hit the ground sound on all four feet, no parrot mouth. Judged off horse standing and trotting.

Consignments failing the on-site screening shall be removed from the sale and shall receive no refund of consignment fee. It is the consignor’s responsibility to transport the consignment to the screening and sale facility and to remain in control of the animal at all times before and during the sale. Consignments not present at screening will forfeit consignment fee.

4) A consignment fee shall be paid to NILE at the time of consignment for each horse entered in the sale, in the amount of $100 for Weanling/Yearling Sale, $150 for Performance Horse Sale. Must be paid by August 10th.

5) Sale Commission: NILE shall deduct and retain a sales commission, exclusive of the nonrefundable consignment fee, of seven percent (7%) of the selling price for each horse entering sale ring. In the event of a deficit, consignor will pay NILE the balance due. Brand inspection and horse will not be released until paid in full. There will be a $50 charge per check returned for insufficient funds.

6) No substitutions.

7) Any horse entered in the sale must go through the sale ring unless screened out or excused from sale by NILE due to injury or sickness. Each animal entering the ring will be sold to highest bidder. It is the seller’s responsibility to protect themselves.

a. If seller retains the highest bid, he/she will be responsible for paying NILE a pass-out fee of $100 (Weanling/Yearling Sale) or $200 (Performance Sale). In the event any animal entered is unsold at the conclusion of the sale, NILE shall have the right to hold the certificate of registration of such animal(s) pending settlement of all charges or obligations due.

8) All horses (with no stated guarantees) sell “as is” with any and all responsibilities and guarantees strictly between the buyer and the seller.

9) All horses will be sold in accordance with the auction laws of the State of Montana. Consignors must return all sale horses to their original stalls after the sale.

10) Sale proceeds will be issued to consignors after seven (7) banking days.

11) All horses selling as registered must have registration certificates at the screening. Consignors must deliver to NILE, at time of consignment, the certificate of registration and a signed transfer for all horses not selling as grade.

a. For weanlings/yearlings, a copy of the registration application must be provided at time of consignment.

12) Consignors must deliver to NILE (prior to on-site screening) a current negative Coggins test report, a current health inspection certificate and a current brand inspection. Seller must provide halter with horse to buyer.

13) NILE shall have the power (1) to reject any entry at any time; 2) to limit number of consignments and/or close consignments on or before entry deadline; (3) to determine the order of sales of all entries; (4) to assign or charge stabling facilities as it deems necessary; (5) to make any special announcements at time of sale concerning any animal entered; and (6) to change sale location and/or time without notice for scheduling or technical reasons.

14) Announcements from the block will take precedence over the printed matter in the sale catalog and all other announcements. Every effort has been made to assure the correctness of catalog, but NILE, sale management/auctioneer, or sellers are not responsible for errors/omissions and assume no liability as to statements, verbal or written, regarding horses sold.

15) Terms of the sale are U.S. currency, cash, approved bank check, cashier’s check, certified check, travelers check, or credit card (subject to 3% fee), payable within one hour of completion of sale. Upon full payment, cashier will issue a delivery order.

16) Title passes to the purchaser at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer, at which time the purchaser shall assume responsibility for and risk of injury to horse. Any injury to horse or change in horse’s condition occurring after the fall of the hammer, but before making final settlement or taking delivery as set forth herein, shall not be grounds for rescission of the sale by the purchaser. The purchaser or his agent may take care, custody and/or control of the horse immediately at the fall of the hammer, but such taking shall not constitute delivery. Delivery shall be made only after the purchaser presents himself to the cashier and makes settlement by tendering the purchase price in full.

17) Liabilities: All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk, and NILE, the facility and the sale management assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any accidents to persons or animals.

18) If horses that were screened out, or “no-saled,” or “bought back” are sold on the grounds during NILE dates, seller is required to pay commission fee to NILE.

The following items MUST accompany this contract: 1) Registration certificate 2) Signed transfer 3) Consignment Fee 4) Pictures. Consignor is responsible for the accuracy of this information. All fields must be completely filled out. Incomplete entries will not be presented to selection committee until all components have been received.


Weanling/Yearling Halter Jackpot: Friday, October 18, 9 a.m. Rimrock Auto Arena

All consigned weanlings/yearlings eligible. $25 entry fee. Pays three (3) places. Weanling class and yearling class separate. All sexes shown together. Horses judged on conformation, condition, and gentleness. Sign up at vet screening.

Performance Horse Preview: Saturday, October 19, 8 a.m. Rimrock Auto Arena

You may preview your horse in1 category. Must sign up at time of consignment to be entered in preview.

o General

o Working Ranch Horse (with cattle)

o Reining

o Barrels (2 runs)

o Heading (Sale Horses ONLY)

o Heeling (Sale Horses ONLY)

Required Paperwork/Items to bring to NILE:

  • Current Health Certificate
  • Current Coggins Test
  • Current Brand Inspection
  • Halter to go with buyer

Consignment/Catalog Fees:

No refunds for scratched horses after August 10

*consignment fees refunded if horse not in catalog

Check, Cash or Credit Card

$5 credit card fee

Consignment/Catalog fee must be paid by August 10

  • Weanling/Yearling $100
  • Performance Horse $150

Stalls provided for sale horses. Bedding and feed available for purchase.

Special stalling requests (No guarantee requests fulfilled)


More information announced in consignor acceptance letter and on NILE website.

Enter online at: https://forms.gle/9yMoP7Kheng5XyQL6

Pre-Sale Screenings:

Thursday, October 18, *4 p.m. Outside of Super Barn (priority to Weanling/Yearlings)

Friday, October 19, *4 p.m. Outside of Super Barn

*Times subject to change, depends on end time of horse events that day


Call, e-mail, text, Facebook message, write, visit the office.

(406) 256-2497 kenzie@thenile.org (406) 256-2497 facebook.com/NILEHorseSales

PO Box 1981 | 308 6th Ave. N. Billings, MT 59101

Video (optional):

Not required. Video of horse to demonstrate ability. Video viewed by selection committee, and for promotion on NILE social media. Label video clearly with horse’s name, and/or consignor’s name. Maximum of 5 minutes. Digital format required (YouTube link, MPG, MOV) send via e-mail to kenzie@thenile.org or submit flash drive.


Online viewing/bidding available with: To Be Determined

Phone bids must call in 24 hours in advance.

Online Entries:

Fill out form at: https://forms.gle/9yMoP7Kheng5XyQL6


Label photos clearly with horse’s name, and/or consignor’s name.

Digital format preferred (jpeg, gif, png) send via e-mail to kenize@thenile.org or submit flashdrive.

Photos must be clear, high resolution, and good quality.


  • Front of horse (top of head/ears to ground)
  • Rear of horse (top of croup to ground)
  • Left side
  • Right side
  • Catalog Photo

Catalog Comments:

Make them clear and memorable. Highlight unique, positive attributes of your horse. Be honest.

Thank you sponsors

First Interstate Bank
Tri-State Livestock News
Agri-Best Feeds
Montana Quarter Horse Association

Hire a Photographer

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If you're thinking about consigning, we highly recommend you send us a Gold-Buckle-worthy catalog photo!

A professionally taken catalog photo will help encourage potential buyers to show up to the sale. More bidders in seats will mean higher prices for you. Use a photographer that knows how to show off your horse's best assets and you will notice the difference.

To help you out, we compiled a list of equine/livestock photographers around MT and surrounding areas. Most will even give you a discount! Just mention the NILE Horse Sales while booking.

Sale Averages and High Sellers

2018 High Selling Weanling
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Weanling/Yearling Horse Sale
Average $1,703.03
66 horses

Average Weanling $1,162.50 for 32 horses
Average Yearling $2,211.76 for 34 horses

High selling weanling lot #685 Dualin Shiner sold by Nicole Weiss, bought by Cooper Performance Horses for $2,700
High selling yearling lot #602 The Masqued Bonanza sold by Brenda & Mel Flottmeyer, bought by Richard Johnson for $4,700

Performance Horse Sale
Average $4,490.32
31 horses

High selling performance horse lot #830 A Flaming Zippo sold by Matt Wznick--Dragon Ass Performance Horses, bought by Duane or Nicky Stellfug for $12,000

Weanling/Yearling Horse Sale
Average $1,393
107 horses

High Selling Weanling Lot #629 sold by James Moldenhauer purchased by Cooper Performance Horses $3,600
High Selling Yearling Lot #648 sold by Ron & Donna Burns purchased by Joni Knox $3,900

Performance Horse Sale
Average $4,739.47
57 Horses

High Selling Performance Horse Lot #830 sold by Kenneth Mintling purchased by Cassidy Jesperson $10,000
High Selling Performance Horse Lot #838 sold by Dan Bird purchased by Casey Lange $10,000


Weanling/Yearling Horse Sale
Average $1,373.23
102 horses

High Selling Weanling Lot #573 sold by Rafter Diamond Quarter Horses purchased by Sarah Pertuit $5,200

High Selling Yearling Lot #537 sold by Kristy and James Moldenhauer purchased by Cooper Performance Horses $4,700

Performance Horse Sale
Average $4,916.43
70 horses

High Selling Lot #713 sold by Dennis and Holly Ginkens purchased by Greg Goggins $12,000

Weanling/Yearling Sale Average: $1,422.06
Weanling Average: $1,106.58
Yearling Average: $1,821.66
Filly Average: $1,268.91
Colt/Gelding Average: $1,566.13

Performance Horse Sale Average: $6,005.68
Mares: $3,845.00
Geldings: $6,786.36

High Selling Weanlings: Both sold for $2,600
True French Sweetie (Lot 640) sold by Gary and Deb Mailloux of Vale, SD bought by Kempetive Edge
Performance Horses.
Whiskey N Gunfire (Lot 644) sold by Fink Quarter Horses of Hysham, MT bought by John and Shelly Now

High Selling Yearling: $4,100
Trouble With Guns (Lot 680) Sold by A+ Quarter Horses of Deer Lodge, MT bought by Mark Gatrell

High Selling Performance Horse: $13,000
Red Flick Bar (Lot 821) Sold by Mathew Wznick of Powderville, MT bought by Tom Colgan.
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