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Runnin' the Rims Barrel Race

Tuesday October 16, 2018

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Three cans, two hearts and one soul--barrel racers, saddle up! Running the Rims is the barrel race to be at this fall in Billings.

Exhibition Runs 12-3 p.m.
Competition Runs 4 p.m.

The winners of each division receive a trophy jacket. Barrel race sponsored by Copper Spring Ranch and produced by It's all about U Barrel Racing Championship (UBRC).
Exhibition runs are 12-3 p.m. the barrel race starts at 4:15 p.m. in Rimrock Auto Arena. Entry fees are $45 with a $10 office charge. Pre-entries must be postmarked by Oct. 1 for a guaranteed spot in the early draw. Late entries accepted until 3 p.m. on site.

Mail pre-entires to:
Casey Wagner
1 Dogwood Drive
Park City, MT 59063
Checks made out to the NILE

2018 Results

1D Placings

1st 14.956 $498.00 Cally Goyins on JL Rocthespaniard FF

2nd 14.957 $427.00 Annaliese Allshouse on Flying Heart Orphan Dri

3rd 14.982 $379.00 Shelly Christensen on Miss Heidibear

4th 14.995 $320.00 Annaliese Allshouse on Genuine Diamond Dunn

5th 15.077 $261.00 Cassie De Young on TS Chili Pepper

6th 15.114 $190.00 Maquel Fleming on Poncho

7th 15.170 $118.00 Heather Dunning on Poppys Power Play

8th 15.181 $ 95.00 Tayla Moeykens on Guys Cash Or Charge

9th 15.199 $ 83.00 Mikell Hougen on My Wicked Ways FF

10th 15.216 Wendy Greenough on RR Golden Dew

11th 15.272 Theresa Sorlie on Breaken For Fame

12th 15.296 Carrie Murnion on Terry's Cash Too

13th 15.297 Murphy Hirschy on Sallys Lil Dasher

14th 15.310 Luke Dunning on TS Famously Shaken

15th 15.318 Valee Miller on Perks For Nickie

16th 15.324 Debra Wolff on Fantasy Foutune

17th 15.329 Bailee Stovall on Sexy Picnic

18th 15.342 Lindsay Kruse on Crown N Fame

19th 15.345 Gayleen Malone on Lady Bee Sparkin

20th 15.362 Casey Wagner on Horse 2

21st 15.363 Tayla Moeykens on Guys Cruzin For Cash

22nd 15.376 Hannah Sharon on JL Redwood

23rd 15.385 Annie Novotny on Me Llamo Pedro

24th 15.403 Valee Miller on So Streakin Fabulous

25th 15.404 Donna Johnson on DDJ Trevor

26th 15.442 LaTasha Wieferich on SM Goldplated Mercedes

2D Placings

1st 15.462 $449.00 Terri Kaye Kirkland on Geneuine Alibi

2nd 15.470 $385.00 Katie Berkram on Corona Under Fire

3rd 15.475 $342.00 Stacey Bauman on Alf

4th 15.476 $289.00 Bailee Stovall on Raren Feebe

5th 15.482 $235.00 Randi Klind on Corona Chic

6th 15.484 $171.00 Michelle Lucke on Roses Corona

7th 15.497 $107.00 Heather McRae on Shilena Boonsmal

8th 15.520 $ 86.00 Milee Dailey on Top Of The Sail

9th 15.556 $ 75.00 Lisa Warfield on French Feathers

10th 15.560 Milee Dailey on Bit A Fame N Honor

11th 15.561 Julie Lenior on Royal Joanne

12th 15.569 Annaliese Allshouse on Yo French Mark's Charm

Tie 15.569 Sage Kohr on Dashingwithafrenchman

14th 15.586 Joeleen Cox on Dr Nick Of Time

15th 15.595 Amber Crowley on Nosey

16th 15.600 Jessie Kukowski on Moon Dancer

17th 15.617 Stephanie Newman on Dashinski

18th 15.627 Rylee Strauser on Kiss My Glass 066

19th 15.652 Vickie Gilje on Toms Jet Deck

20th 15.661 Kim Hershberger on Dash On Air

Tie 15.661 Kristi Spring on Wylee (Grade)

Tie 15.661 Jessica Bliss on Noble Sunday

23rd 15.663 Christine Kautzman on Rip Raren Dash

24th 15.671 Lisa Anderson on Horse 2

25th 15.675 Aspen Cok on Dash Ta Destiney

26th 15.698 Shauna Schaffer on Zipanic Sparkle

27th 15.707 Michelle Lucke on Shane

28th 15.725 BreAnne Pino on Dual Freckled Chic

29th 15.739 Stena Bushnell on Oh Silk Midnight

30th 15.758 Jessica Bliss on Dance With Me Bug

31st 15.773 Jessica Havener on WhooWho Shez Talented

32nd 15.785 David Allshouse on Yo Fixers Honor

33rd 15.791 Kathy Wootan on Straight Bullet

34th 15.795 Kari Parker on MFR Firewater Lynx

35th 15.799 Christine Dix on Alacaptain

36th 15.805 Deena Moeykens on JMThisGuyOFlyO

37th 15.821 Francie Phillips on Missin Agnes

38th 15.826 Karlee Meyers on BXT Twynabon

39th 15.829 Cally Goyins on JL Foreward

40th 15.842 Sydnee Lee on Dolly

41st 15.846 Kayla Synan on Docs beta be sweet

42nd 15.855 Kristi Spring on Sheeza Real Star

43rd 15.860 Sadie Johnson on Dinners On Me

44th 15.885 Teen Holland on Boons Rockin Bonita

45th 15.895 Maci Dehaan on Disciple Of Speed

46th 15.917 Penny Forbes on Triple Times Peppy

47th 15.942 Steff Secor on Streakin Dash Profit

48th 15.944 Maci Dehaan on Charm N Im Sure

49th 15.948 Emma Schmidt on Madison Square Garden

3D Placings

1st 15.964 $353.00 Aspen Cok on Smokin Grits

2nd 15.984 $303.00 Maria Taylor on Streakin Page

3rd 16.008 $269.00 Darby Fox on Barts Blue Jeans

4th 16.017 $227.00 Gayleen Malone on Tinys Second Dash

5th 16.024 $185.00 Heidi Robinson on Reds Running Jewel

6th 16.037 $135.00 Adrianna Rohrer on Docs Plain Ransom

7th 16.049 $ 84.00 Ella Moedl on Catamia Jazz

8th 16.056 $ 67.00 Cheyanne Carl on Daisy

9th 16.070 $ 59.00 Tammy Novotny on T Cross Love That Guy

10th 16.079 Talynn Paul on SG Zans Goldseeker

11th 16.087 Alexis Sturman on Liver Lips Louey

12th 16.088 Jeri Gillett on FFQ Doctor Pepper

13th 16.091 Kori Smith on Mr Profiteer

14th 16.103 Heather Dunning on John Ross

15th 16.119 Vickie Gilje on VK Docs Midjeta

16th 16.130 Ashley Parker on Mac's Peppy Star

17th 16.133 Danica Hoppman on AMN Rebel Firewater

18th 16.135 Sandie Green on Beduinos Ace of Hearts

19th 16.138 Katie Kading on BRI Hairpin Flex

20th 16.161 Shelly Johnson on Rocky

21st 16.169 Mikayla Connelly on GSP Driftin Fritz

22nd 16.207 Jenna Napier on One Tucee Money

23rd 16.209 Kathy Getten on TM Streakin Kitten

24th 16.210 Paige Flom on Roxy

25th 16.211 Jennifer Estes on Bee Bobbin Cowboy

26th 16.227 Chelsey Carson on Set Your Cash A Flame

27th 16.258 Mikell Hougen on JL Red Enough

28th 16.270 Mckenna Hanson on Socks

29th 16.281 Laney Acord on Luv To Drift

30th 16.300 Sadie Christoferson on SD Wherearemysmokes

31st 16.313 Lisa Anderson on Horse 1

32nd 16.317 Tannis Kramer on Classy

33rd 16.335 Bobbi Grann on Roswald

34th 16.350 Mackenzie Griffin on Special Ali's Bug

35th 16.356 Pam Vanek on Ticket

36th 16.364 Jaime Ottun on Asgoodasredgets

Tie 16.364 Jon Ottun on Nick

38th 16.397 Katie McMillin on Major

39th 16.420 Mikela Lorash on Pets Cashin In

40th 16.422 Madi Hansen on Preferred Disco

41st 16.430 Josie Darrah on Prada

42nd 16.447 Rylee Strauser on Jemmas Special Effort

43rd 16.448 Sheila Handy on Smooth Bonnie Bar

4D Placings

1st 16.458 $305.00 Mylee Kobold on Pancake

2nd 16.460 $261.00 Kelly McDaniel on Just Sometime

3rd 16.462 $232.00 Tina Holmes on French Fame

4th 16.502 $196.00 Sadie Johnson on TS A Famous Frost

5th 16.512 $160.00 Sue Riley on Imtimidating Dale

6th 16.520 $116.00 Kelly McDaniel on Dancer

7th 16.529 $ 73.00 Keon Sutton on Sassy

8th 16.546 $ 58.00 Shannon Lammi on Phoxxy

9th 16.550 $ 51.00 Ree Jones on Northern Cartel

10th 16.592 Miranda Hieb on Billie Jean

11th 16.598 Deena Moeykens on JMFrenchCashBar

12th 16.619 Paige Twitchell on Rocket Shadow Blurr

13th 16.629 Kristy Tomash on Smart Too A Te

14th 16.636 Lisa Anderson on Horse 4

15th 16.650 Micki Sorge on DP Little Mercedes

16th 16.657 Johanna Tomash on Peppy Irish Amy

17th 16.697 Johanna Tomash on Jeffery

18th 16.701 Teresa Wolff on SR Shake It Foose

19th 16.752 Jackie Nicol on Hancock Champ

20th 16.753 Laney Acord on Expect Fur To Fly

21st 16.802 Kay Lynn Allen on Monty

22nd 16.822 Brittany Martin on Da Itallion Stallion

23rd 16.865 Kori Smith on All Star Lil Chex

24th 16.907 Madison Hussung on Daisydukesbikinitop

25th 16.985 Kaiu Korman on Lady Rhythm Bug

26th 17.001 Shannon Baukol on CM Spark Of Dash

27th 17.053 Brenna Krueger on Montana Easy Whisper

28th 17.104 Lisa Warfield on Kingsandthings

29th 17.171 Twyla Chapman on Royal Super Sound

30th 17.223 Adrianna Rohrer on Six Ta One

31st 17.430 Kila True Bakke on Colonel Zan Dunit

32nd 17.617 Niki Obie on Gotta Dash Of Smoke

33rd 17.712 Lacey Beil on TS Stellar Frost

34th 17.861 Twyla Chapman on Frenchin Hot Flame

35th 18.044 Micki Sorge on Leanin On Peppy

36th 18.074 Lydia Sundgren on Twinkie

37th 19.761 Deb Gee on Beamers Impressive Gal

38th 24.845 Kris Anderson on Smart Smokin Playgun

39th 25.536 Terri Kaye Kirkland on Aliluia

40th 25.590 Tiara Hentz on Jet

41st 34.442 Sophie Carl on Whiskey

SCR 400.000 Lisa Anderson on Horse 5

N/T 900.000 Tye Brown on Sally

N/T 900.000 Lynn Schinckel on Spyder

N/T 900.000 Candy Christoferson on SD No Smoke

N/T 900.000 Callahan Crossley on Bogiestreaktothemax

N/T 915.160 Jessica DeSaveur on Missin Nothin

N/T 915.224 Bobbi Grann on Delfinion

N/T 915.246 Amanda Russell on Livfierynflithappens

N/T 915.304 Terri Kaye Kirkland on Afton

N/T 915.357 Cally Goyins on Dash Ta Frisco FF

N/T 915.364 Ashlee Estes on Chex My Income

N/T 915.376 Shelly Anzick on Hollan Cash

N/T 915.430 Rene Cloninger on CM Dynamite Miss Tiv

N/T 915.432 Gina Welch on Confederate Catt

N/T 915.470 Darby Fox on Foxie Stinson

N/T 915.552 Julie Brown on Peppy Magic Mocha

N/T 915.671 Amber Crowley on Hershey

N/T 915.716 Lisa Anderson on Horse 3

N/T 915.735 Lisa Warfield on Special Tru Effort

N/T 915.737 Cally Goyins on JL Roc N Rover

N/T 915.777 Karlee Meyers on Ima Cash Hue

N/T 915.789 Sharon Foster on BBR Double Overtime

N/T 915.815 Casey Wagner on Horse 1

N/T 915.894 Donna Johnson on Raren Steve

N/T 915.913 Hannah Griffin on Lola

N/T 916.022 Micki Sorge on JST Last Chrome

N/T 916.046 Murphy Hirschy on Dashers Lena Doc

N/T 916.105 Sue Riley on Here Eye Come

N/T 916.602 Irene Johnson on Meradas Dualler

N/T 916.650 Tasha Mckelvey on Cartels Little Diva

N/T 916.844 Ashley Vanek on Meeker

N/T 916.978 Cyndel Liebel on Macarena Melody Jack

N/T 917.038 Dillon McPherson on Botanist

N/T 917.597 Dani Madill on Yawls Famous Perry

N/T 917.852 Laura McPherson on Ms Stormy Czech

N/T 917.958 Kim Schmidt on Dashed My Income

N/T 918.555 Kristy Tomash on Dancing With Judge

N/T 920.334 Annie Novotny on Cash Kisses

N/T 921.625 Jackie Nicol on Sunny D

N/T 922.255 Micki Sorge on HC Christy Salano

N/T 924.071 Brooklin Baukol on The General 229

N/T 928.435 Kristen Wood on Real Sugar Angel

N/T 929.710 Devan Welborn on Third Lil Sister

N/T 935.467 Kate Sturman on Wee Quincy Boone

AQHA Ranching Heritage

Enter the AQHA Ranching Heritage side pot for additional money! $1000 added. Horse must be an eligible Ranching Heritage Horse, check the AQHA website for qualifications.

Side pot entry fee $45

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