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To become a member simply fill out the form below and send it into the NILE office. PO Box 1981 Billings, MT 59103
All levels of membership include:
  • First access to tickets for NILE events one month prior to the public
  • Opportunity to buy additional guest passes to VIP/Hospitality rooms
  • Quarterly NILE Newsletter/E-Newsletters
  • Member listing on NILE Publications
  • 10% Discount on NILE merchandise with proof of membership
Individual Membership Levels
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to ALL PBR and NILE rodeo performances and more
This exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to the NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to select PBR and NILE rodeo performances and more.
This upper level membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal and more.
This level of membership includes: ticket to NILE annual meeting commemorative pin, decal, and more. (Does not include tickets to hospitality rooms)
This great entry level membership for youth ages 12-20 includes: tickets to the NILE annual meeting, commemorative pin, decal, NILE rodeo ticket and more. (This is an excellent way to add youth family members to any membership level)
Corporate Membership
Grand Level
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to all PBR and NILE rodeo performances, special parking, full page ads and more.
Gold Level
This very exclusive membership includes includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to the NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to all PBR and NILE rodeo performances, 1/2 ads and more.
Silver Level
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, tickets to all PBR and NILE rodeo performances, 1/4 page ads and more.
Bronze Level
This very exclusive membership includes: passes to all NILE hospitality rooms, tickets to NILE annual meeting, commemorative pins, decal, 1/4 ads and more.
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Corporate Gold

First Interstate Bank

First Interstate Bank

Brian Brown
Keith Cook
Scott Johnson
Scott Moran
Jeff Rodenbaugh
Lye Zimmerman
Montagues Jewelers

Montagues Jewelers

Chris Montague 
Vintage 5

Vintage 5

Bo Wagner
Monica Kordonowy
of 3

Corporate Silver

Eide Bailly LLP

Eide Bailly LLP

Roger Huebner 
Montana-Dakota Utilities Co

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co

Doug Hansen 
Public Auction Yards

Public Auction Yards

Bob Cook 
Western Ag Reporter

Western Ag Reporter

John Goggins 
Vermilion Ranch

Vermilion Ranch

World West Sire Service

World West Sire Service

Scott and Andrea Spickard 
of 6

Corporate Bronze

Advanced Litho Printing, LLC

Advanced Litho Printing, LLC

Dennis Tresidder 
Agri-Best Feeds

Agri-Best Feeds

Scott Anderson 
Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture

Travis Brownell 
Best Western Clock Tower Inn

Best Western Clock Tower Inn

Steve Wahrlich 
Big Sky Economic Development

Big Sky Economic Development

Melanie Schwarz 
Big Sky Irrigation, Inc.

Big Sky Irrigation, Inc.

Scott Swenson
Jim Sannon
Billings Clinic

Billings Clinic

Julie Nelson 
Brand It

Brand It

Briggs Distributing

Briggs Distributing

Pete Borowick 
Denny Menholt Chevrolet

Denny Menholt Chevrolet

Denny Menholt 
Econo Print Stores

Econo Print Stores

Jim Berry
Richard Martin


David Binstock 
Little Horn State Bank

Little Horn State Bank

Al McCormick 
Majestic Homes

Majestic Homes

Steven P. Dolberg 
Miller's Horse Palace

Miller's Horse Palace

Bobby and Teresa Miller 
MT Cowboy Hall of Fame

MT Cowboy Hall of Fame

Christy Stensland 
MT Farm Bureau Federation

MT Farm Bureau Federation

MT Stockgrowers Association

MT Stockgrowers Association

Errol Rice 
MSU Rodeo Club

MSU Rodeo Club

Andy Bolich 
Pierce Homes/RV

Pierce Homes/RV

G. Ron Pierce 
Project Meats/Ranch House Meats

Project Meats/Ranch House Meats

Shane and Tanya Flowers 
Robbie Cattle Co., Inc.

Robbie Cattle Co., Inc.

Scott and Mitzi Robbie 
Starplex Corp.

Starplex Corp.

Austin Schnizler 
Stockman Bank

Stockman Bank

Butch Bratsky
Brian Cooley
Curt Cotton
Lars Hanson
Swiftriver Ranch

Swiftriver Ranch

Dawn Calderwood 
Vitalix, Inc

Vitalix, Inc

Natasha Bentz 


Jonna Jones 
Western Empire Emporium

Western Empire Emporium

Ronald M. Lund 
Western Ranch Supply

Western Ranch Supply

Rob Erikson
Keith Robinson
Shayne Vandivort
Yellowstone County Implement

Yellowstone County Implement

Eric Esp 
Yellowstone Surgery Center

Yellowstone Surgery Center

Rob Gagnon 
of 31

Gold Members

Allan Holliday--Terralogics Inc, Billings, MT

Shane & Kim Usselman, Sydney, MT

Jim Brien--Valley M Ranch, Red Lodge, MT

Todd Buchanan and Bob Dunker--Cowboy Club, Billings, MT
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Silver Members

Brumby Ranch, Red Lodge, MT

N.C. (Pete) & Carol Hinson, Shepherd, MT

Kenneth & Virginia Rauch--K.R. Rauch Company, Billings, MT

Kymm & Steve Stark, Huntley, MT

Auston & Ashley Schlosser--Jim & Austin's Barbershop, Huntley, MT

Kirby & Karmae Walborn--Walborn Cattle Company, Hardin, MT

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Standard Members

Gary & Holly Adams, Billings, MT

Wayne Alexander, Miles City, MT

All Services All Color Embroidery Services, Billings, MT

Alan Hooker--Alpine Livestock Co, Ryegate, MT

Jim & Deedee Jussila--Al's Bootery, Billings, MT

Clint Altman—Altman Ranch, Laurel, MT

Ted Lovec--American Title & Escrow,

Les Best--Animal Health International, Billings, MT

Garry Brayko--Archie Cochrane Ford, Billings, MT

Ben Arnold--Arnold Ranch, Broadview, MT

Jon Lodge--Artcraft Printers, Billings, MT

Mark Steffes--Auto Acres, Billings, MT

Butch Behrent--Beartooth Ranch LLC, Columbus, MT

Judy & Dean Becker--Becker Farms Angus, Ballantine, MT

Lynn & Mary Jane McKittrick—Berkley Equipment & Machine, Billings, MT

Rob & Shirley Cline--Big Sky Linen Supply, Billings, MT

DJ Gransbery--Billings Farm & Ranch Supply, Billings, MT

Ron Spence--Billings Hotel & Convention Center, Billings, MT

Bill Cook--Billings Livestock Commission, Billings, MT

John Brewer--Billings Area Chamber of Commerce, Billings, MT

Scott & Tami Bowen--Bowen Cattle Co LLC, Worden, MT

Gary & Patti Brockel--Brockel's Chocolates, Billings, MT

Paul & Brenda Bromenshenk--Bromenshenk Farms, Billings, MT

Tom Eppich--Bull Mountain Ranch, Musselshell, MT

Gilbert Burdett--Burdett Law Firm, PC, Billings, MT

Doug & Carol Rice--CD Angus, Park City, MT

Paul Gatzemeier--Coal Black Cattle Co, Billings, MT

Dave & Barb Wagner--Connolly's Western Wear, Billings, MT

Dennis Whitmore--ConoMart Super Stores, Billings, MT

Lisa Anderson--Copper Springs Ranch, Bozeman, MT

Duane & Lou Cowdin--Cowdin Carriage House Bed & Breakfast, Acton, MT

Terri Izatt--Crowley Fleck PLLP, Billings, MT

Gary & Phyllis Eliasson--Currant Creek Angus Ranch, Roundup, MT

Dennis & Kris Descheemaeker--Descheemaeker Ranch, Lewistown, MT

Kim Sindelar--Dover Ranch Shorthorns, Billings, MT

Bobby Shaw--EideBailly Financial Services, Billings, MT

Ward & Alice Fenton--Fenton Enterprises, Worden, MT

Joe Hanser--First Interstate Bank of Livingston, Livingston, MT

Holly Higgins--First Interstate Bank of Hardin, Hardin, MT

Ron & Esther Fischer--Fischer Red Angus, Harlowtown, MT

Roger Schmeckel--G.M. Petroleum, Billings, MT

Amy Iverson--Galusha, Higgins & Galusha PC, Billings, MT

Dwain Hould--Genex Beef, Columbus, MT

Ryan Thorson--Genex-Hawkeye West, Billings, MT

Jane Glennie, Janie Carlson--Glennie Ranches, Two Dot, MT

Dan & Kim Barnett--Graphic Imprints, Billings, MT

Jim, John & Sylvia Gusick--Gusick, Inc, Billings, MT

Doug Hall--Hall & Hall Inc, Billings, MT

Mary & Lars Hanson--Hanson Livestock, Edgar, MT

Goz & Pat Segars--High Meadow Ranch, Hartsville, SC

Lois Hill--Hill Quarter Horses, Raynesford, MT

Shyla Hinton & Tanner Dahl, Scobey, MT

Derek Hitt--Hitt's the Spot, LLC, Billings, MT

Randi Lovec--Holiday Inn Grand Montana, Billings, MT

Tom Hougen--Hougen Ranch, Melstone, MT

Lowell & LouAnn Peterson--Hunt Creek Angus, Bridger, MT

Roger & Betsy Indreland--Indreland Angus, Big Timber, MT

Bob Scott--J&H Inc., Bozeman, MT

Carl Jensen Family--J.C. Jensen Inc, Lavina, MT

Roger & Sandy Jacobs--Jacobs Livestock Sales Inc, Billings, MT

Darryl & Kari Wagner--JL Farms Inc, Billings, MT

Norm Johannes--Johannes Ranch, Ballantine, MT

Tiffany Madden--Joseph Eve & Co, Billings, MT

Brad & Lori Kraft--K4 Cattle, Billings, MT

Robert & Darlene Keefer--Keefer Ranches, Billings, MT

Richard Kehler--Jr Kehler Grain & Livestock, St. Xavier, MT

Bill & Jeff Keller--Keller Land & Cattle Co, Inc, Custer, MT

Tim Crowley--Kids N Cowboys, Billings, MT

Brian & Anjel Kindsfather--Kindsfather Farms, Laurel, MT

Clark Fletcher--KTVQ-2 TV, Billings, MT

Michele Konzen--KULR-8 Television-Cowles Montana Media Company, Billings, MT

L O Cattle Company, Billings, MT

Dave & Karen Kelsey--Lakeview Land & Livestock, Inc, Molt, MT

Dick Grosskopf--Landmark of Billings, Billings, MT

Michael Rinaldi--Lazy Heart R Livestock, Lewistown, MT

Rick & Brenda Kraft--Little Valley Ranch, Billings, MT

Ed & Roxie Kraft--Little Valley Ranch, Billings, MT

Anita or Carlene Taubert--Lou Taubert, Inc, Billings, MT

Debbie & Bill Mackay--Mackay Livestock, Inc, Custer, MT

Leo & Sam McDonnell--McDonnell Angus, Columbus, MT

Jay Meyer--Meyer Ranch, Musselshell, MT

Lorie Nelson--Montana Liquor, Billings, MT

Montana Silversmiths, Columbus, MT

Montana Livestock Ag Credit Inc, Helena, MT

Larisa Oldenburger--MT Red Angus Assoc., Whtehall, MT

Danny & Corie Mydland--Mydland Angus, Joliet, MT

Taylor & Shannon Brown--Northern Ag Network, Billings, MT

John Gates--Northwest Farm Credit Services, Billings, MT

George Yost--Nutra-Lix Inc, Billings, MT

Steve Madsen--Overhead Door Co, Billings, MT

Deb Parker--Parker & Co. Real Estate, Billings, MT

Roy Close--Pathfinder Financial Services, Billings, MT

Kathy Opperud--Payne West Insurance, Inc, Billings, MT

Frank Pelican--Pelican Oil, Billings, MT

Bill Pelton--Pelton Livestock, Billings, MT

James Stampfel--Pine Coulee Angus, Absarokee, MT

Ed & Debbie Hinton--Rafter Diamond Quarter Horses, Scobey, MT

Mark Norem--Real Estate & Livestock Broker, Big Timber, MT

Jody Klessens--Red Lodge Rodeo Association, Red Lodge, MT

Bob & Cathy Redland--Redland Gelbvieh & Red Angus, Hysham, MT

David & Wanda Reisig--Reisig Agency Inc, Hardin, MT

Linda & Charlie Lewis--Rock Creek Red Angus, Joliet, MT

Harold & Betty Blattie--Rock Springs Ranch Co, Helena, MT

Beverly Meged--Rocke EnterprisesV

Peggy Bridges--Rocky Mountain Bank, Billings, MT

Bryce & Lesli Glen--Rocky Mountain Compost, Inc, Billings, MT

Gary Fjelstad--Rocky Mountain Talent Services, Inc, Forsyth, MT

Ron & Gail Shoen--Rocky Mountain Ranch Realty, Billings, MT

Gary & Della Ruff--Ruff, Inc, Custer, MT

Jay & Gayle Nansel--Select Sires, Billings, MT

Gregg and Jay Carroll--Shiptons Big R Stores, Billings, MT

Klint & Lori Swanson--Shipwheel Cattle Co, Chinook, MT

Jesse Kloberdanz--Simplot Grower Solutions, Billings, MT

Francisco & Darla Francisco Soto--Soto Enterprizes Coust, Billings, MT

Greg & Karen Rice--Spanish Q Inc, Ennis, MT

Walter Stieg, Kent Dreessen--Stieg & Associates Inc, Billings, MT

Chris Fleck--Stillwater Anglers, Columbus, MT

Juanita, Turk & Jenny Stovall--Stovall Ranches LLC, Billings, MT

Robert Kraft--Sunny Valley Farms, Laurel, MT

Jason & Jane Callantine--Timber Line Ranch, Belgrade, MT

George Griemsman--Two Rivers Feed, Nanton, AB

Brenda Greig--Two-W Livestock Equipment Ltd, Billings, MT

Debra French and Jason Euell--U.S. Bank, Billings, MT

Bill Underriner--Underriner Motors, Billings, MT

Kory & Dyan Loberg--Universal Awards, Billings, MT

James H & Bonnie L Whipps—UVZ Quarter Horse & Appaloosa, Basin, WY

Bo Kombol--Wells Fargo Bank, Billings, MT

Western Pines, Manhattan, MT

Rob Erickson—Western Ranch Supply, Billings, MT

Keith Robinson—Western Ranch Supply, Billings, MT

Shayne Vandivort—Western Ranch Supply, Billings, MT

Lisa Gilbertson--Western Security Bank, Billings, MT

Randall Jobman--Western Sugar Company, Billings, MT

Justin Mills--X Ring Ranch, Upton, MT

Charles Yegen—Yegen Family LLC, Billings, MT

James M. Taylor--Yellowstone Bank, Laurel, MT

Gary Adams--Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch, Billings, MT

Laverne Ivie--Yellowstone Conservation District, Billings, MT

Brandon Whitman--Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op, Huntley, MT

Genn A. Nielson--Y-Tex Corporation, Cody, WY

Terrell & Jill Ackerman, Billings, MT

George & Marlene Amen, Billings, MT

Lyle Baumann, Billings, MT

Clint Branger, Roscoe, MT

Deb & Brad Brettin, Roberts, MT

Cheri & Roy Brim, Billings, MT

John & Laurie Carrel, Columbus, MT

Jerry & Jan Cates, Billings, MT

Fred Charette, Billings, MT

Elmer & JoAnne Christensen, Sidney, MT

Link & Holly Dorvall, Fromberg, MT

Tim & Jeanne Downey, Broadview, MT

Jordan Fletcher and Cody Kisling, Billings, MT

Dorothy Frey, Cody, WY

Gordon & Rinda Galarneau, Jr, Billings, MT

Cody & Molly Gale, Billings, MT

Scott & Staci Grosskopf, Huntley, MT

Marla & Rick Hamilton, Park City, MT

Clarence and Julianne Hofer, Billings, MT

Mike & Eva Hollenbeck, Billings, MT

Robert Howell, Huntley, MT

Gunnar & Charlene Johnson, Anaconda, MT

Gene & Ronna Klamert, Billings, MT

Rod & Penny Korte Laurel, MT

Kenneth & Daphne Kuhlman, Lavina, MT

Jaime and Erik Lehfeldt, Lavina, MT

Rob Lehm, Billings, MT

Cheryl Lenhardt, Billings, MT

Ed & Muriel Lenhardt, Billings, MT

Tom & Donna Lowry, Billings, MT

Cliff & Mickey Amen Mack, Billings, MT

Gladys Marcotte, Billings, MT

Kyle Markegard, Laurel, MT

Duane & Cari Martin, Billings, MT

Greg Mathews, Buffalo, MT

Bob & Kathe Mensik, Red Lodge, MT

Darren Miller, Billings, MT

Hugh Miller Family, Rock Falls, IL

Don & Ann Mork, Sanders, MT

Josh Neibauer, Billings, MT

Merrill & Kathleen Ostrum, Fishtail, MT

John Pocock, Sugar City, ID

Lynn & Brenda Presby, Freedom, NH

Gordon & Doris Radke, Worden, MT

Dustin & Rebecca Reisig, Lewistown, MT

C.T. Ripley, Huntley, MT

Doug & Anna Robinette, Nye, MT

Gary & Julie Robinson, Shepherd, MT

Glen Roen, Worden, MT

Kelly & Kristie Rutledge, Big Sandy, MT

Patricia D.Sanford and Raymond H. Hillman, Billings, MT

Bill Schelm, Billings, MT

Ervin Schlemmer, Joliet, MT

Douglas Schlepp, Billings, MT

Valley & Joy Sian, Worden, MT

Edna & Arthur Stauber, Billings, MT

Dan & Teri Swartz, Ballantine, MT

James & Linda Thompson, Billings, MT

Judith Wallinder, Billings, MT

Kim & Lynn Walter, Billings, MT

Harvey L. Walter, Forsyth, MT

Rob Yates, Fishtail, MT

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Associate Members

James and Tom Butcher, Lewistown, MT

Kelly DeBats, Billings, MT

Dan Deichmann, Hobson, MT

Chance Lewis Eaton, Nye, MT

Charles Gams, Billings, MT

Wendy Hafer, Emigrant, MT

Tyrel Hamilton, Park City, MT

Ann Hanson, Bozeman, MT

Michelle Heiken, Billings, MT

Racquel Kaelberer, Huntley, MT

Sanford Langager, Roberts, MT

Joyce Laughery, Billings, MT

Gary Malson, Billings, MT

Melvin McCarver, Bozeman, MT

Lynnette McDonald, Billings, MT

Brian McGovern, Billings, MT

Ashlee Mendive, Billings, MT

Tracy Schweigert, Laurel, MT

Bob Sorensen, Naples, FL

Clint Spencer, Fromberg, MT

Karen Steward, Broadview, MT

Jack & Connie Watts, Laurel, MT

Eric Wiens, Billings, MT

UC Willimas, Twinfalls, ID

Pam Young, Billings, MT
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Junior Members

Beau Bromenshenk--Bromenshank Farms, Billings, MT

Garrett Bromenshenk, Billings, MT

Ashton Blubaugh, Deer Lodge, MT

Zane Bowey, Sheridan, MT

Chanelle Brusseau, Caldwell, ID

Hanna Butcher, Manhattan, MT

Taylor Cameron, Cheyenne, WY

Alexis Canen, Glendive, MT

Seth Christensen, Park City, MT

Molly Cooksey, Roggen, CO

Sydney Cutler, Philipsburg, MT

Stran Davis, Plain City, UT

Mikol Degele, Absarokee, MT

Clark Diemert, Lothair, MT

Jackson Diemert, Lothair, MT

Bobby Dorvall, Fromberg, MT

Ashley Dworshak, Joliet, MT

Casey Elfland, Manhattan, MT

Lexy Forgey, Casper, WY

Skyler Frame, St. Ignatius, MT

Shane Friede, Chinook, MT

Jessie Hafer, Emigrant, MT

Jack Hafer, Emigrant, MT

Jada Hartman, Lewistown, MT

Brooke Howard, Burns, MT

Garrett Jewett, Kalispell, MT

Kamry Knotwell, Encampment, MT

Konnar Knotwell, Encampment, MT

Kelsey Kraft, Billings, MT

Jake Kraft, Billings, MT

Hannah Kraft, Billings, MT

Gale Kretschman, Gilette, WY

Lane Krutzfeldt, Powderville, MT

Reilly Lannen, Big Timber, MT

David Lowry, Helena, MT

Bobby Mensik, Red Lodge, MT

Bailey Miller, Encampment, MT

Bryson Mills, Hulett, WY

Tracen Mills, Hulett, WY

Garrett Palmer, Moses Lake, WA

Jessica Paul, Ismay, MT

Kenny Pauley, Dillon, MT

Raina Perli, Rapid City, SD

Tanner Pugh, Moses, Lake, WA

Kelty Raciborski Stroh, Glendive, MT

Sadie Reddick, Belgrade, MT

Brodie Riggs, Outlook, MT

Andrea Rutledge, Big Sandy, MT

Morgan Sanchez, Bear River, WY

J. Seewald, Cut Bank, MT

Edward Shay, Laurel, MT

Rory Shay, Laurel, MT

Emily Sheard, Mica, WA

Shelby Smith, Arlee, MT

Reata Smith, Grass Range, MT

Nicole Stevenson, Joliet, MT

Austin Swanson, Chinook, MT

Bree Swanson, Chinook, Mt

Shalee Tamcke, Helena, MT

Tara Tellefson, Warden, WA

Emma Torgerson, Sidney, MT

Ashley Uffelman, Hardin, MT

Loni Waid, Havre, MT

Tell Williams, Twinfalls, ID

Carissa Workman, Grass Range, MT

Georgia Workman, Big Sandy, MT
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