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Runnin' the Rims Barrel Race

Running the Rims

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Tuesday October 17, 2017 4:15 p.m. (or immediately after NILE Barrel Futurity)
Exhibitions 12-3 p.m.
Three cans, two hearts and one soul--barrel racers, saddle up! Running the Rims is the barrel race to be at this fall in Billings.

The winners of each division receive a trophy jacket. Barrel race sponsored by Copper Spring Ranch and produced by It's all about U Barrel Racing Championship (UBRC).
Exhibition runs are 12-3 p.m. the barrel race starts at 4:15 p.m. in Rimrock Auto Arena. Entry fees are $45 with a $10 office charge. Pre-entries must be postmarked by Oct. 1 for a guaranteed spot in the early draw. Late entries accepted until 3 p.m. on site.

Mail pre-entires to:
Casey Wagner
1 Dogwood Drive
Park City, MT 59063
Checks made out to the NILE

AQHA Ranching Heritage

Enter the AQHA Ranching Heritage side pot for additional money! $1000 added. Horse must be an eligible Ranching Heritage Horse, check the AQHA website for qualifications.

side pot entry fee $35
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Draw for Running The Rims on 10/18/16

Draw List for: Open

1 Cassie DeYoung/TS Chilly Pepp
2 Bailee Stovall/Raren Kendall
3 Leslee Kruger/Baron
4 Gina Welch/Bruno
5 Keon Craig/Czeza Gem
6 Dede Anders/TCR Frosted Rubie
7 Stena Bushnell/Rolling Cat
8 Ronda Holwell/Robin Leads Bat
9 Gayleen Malone/Lady Bee Spark
10 Devynn Schillinger/Sugolena F
11 Laura Kleinjan/Stetson Full O
12 Jodi Klind/Moon Ascension- Sa
13 Valee Cooley/Perks For Nickie
14 Rylee Strauser/Kiss My Glass
15 Tammy Thompson/Blazin Vandy C
16 Bailee Murnion/Some Corona
17 Linda Hegle/Lil Red Stilletoh
18 Teresa Wolff/Jack Daniels Col
19 Amanda Russell/TCS Crystal Ch
20 Milee Dailey/Miss Corona
21 Kim Wermling/Fancy Nasdaq
22 Kayla Reed/Dial Some Dinero
23 Sarah Crimmins/GSP Dee Drifti
24 Vanessa Hardy/Image Of A Hero
25 Jeri Gillett/Buckshot
26 Buckshot Nelson/Jessi James C
27 Leslee Kruger/Lite My Firewor
28 Sadie Christoferson/On The Fr
29 Kellee Hooker/Sage
30 Mackenzie Griffin/Tuff
31 Tenley Keller/DDF Jazzy Vanna
32 Cassidy Kruse/Guys Six Pack
33 Lexi Benson/Our Ganicus
34 Dawna Barnett/Hakna Matata
35 Joeleen Cox/Dr Nick Of Time
36 Laura McPherson/JL Sheba Red
37 Nicole Hughes/Guys Streakin D
38 Heather McRae/Boons Rockin Bo
39 Skyler Ketola/Missy
40 Anna Paris/Go Jo B King
41 Kierra Hougen/Foxy Impy Dear
42 Dillon McPherson/Hills Cash B
43 Shelly Christensen/Misss Heid
44 Keon Craig/Wee Zan Parrs Gal
45 Bobbe McMillan/Poco Hickory R
46 Danielle Calder/PC Bar Leo Fr
47 Megan Dawson/Goldies Silver
48 Jessica DeSaveur/Corona Chic
49 Vickie Gilje/Toms Jet Deck
50 Jamie Riley/Checotah Dale
51 Lindsey Wiederrich/WillyWantC
52 Jess Norris/Dashin Fred
53 Patty Propp/Sparks Rapped On
54 Alexis Sturman/Yankee Bill
55 Leslee Kruger/Our Fancy Lil C
56 Francie Phillips/Missin Agnes
57 Ronda Holwell/Blackjack Lobo
58 Darlene Warden/Sheza Hickoryo
59 Jolene Streets/Annie
60 Jackie Nicol/Handcock Champ
61 Tammy Thompson/Profits Lady L
62 Abi Dawson/MG Peppys Lil Chi
63 Kim Christoferson/Nifty Bay
64 Teresa Wolff/Sook Bigtime
65 Sarah Crimmins/Miss Sadies C
66 Lindsay Kruse/Ninnekahs Guy
67 Vanessa Hardy/Unchained Indi
68 Annie Novotny/Susie
69 Kathy Wootan/Dixie Chicken R
70 Mikayla Fuller/GoGo Dancer
71 Talynn Paul/Trigger
72 Niki Obie/KWG Hawks Got Spee
73 Paula Harris/Cheyenne Runnin
74 Bailee Murnion/PG Son of A G
75 Jodi Klind/Pappasito Baby
76 Terri Kaye Kirkland/Abe
77 Annaliese Allshouse/Genuine
78 Michelle Hersrud/Mister
79 Mikell Hougen/My Wicked Ways
80 Katie Berkram/Corona Under F
81 Katie McMillin/Cruise
82 Amanda Russell/Curly Taz
83 Manchi Nace/Zips Shutter Sta
84 Alyssa Thormahlen/Jett
85 Laura Kleinjan/Wee Miss Cool
86 Cara Hencratt/Judge Amy Gray
87 Jeri Gillett/Phantom Shadow
89 Sierra Belvin/Trixie
90 Dede Anders/Em
91 Jessica Havener/Heza Flyin F
92 Gayleen Malone/Lady Bee Coro
93 Kebi Smith/Shakin Gold Money
94 Maria Taylor/Bad Ruby FF
95 Stena Bushnell/Oh Slik Midni
96 Valee Cooley/Daves Goin Stre
97 Rylee Strauser/Shine 066
98 Kristi Spring/Dox Annie Hono
99 Maria Schillinger/Righteous
100 Kris Anderson/Watch Zippo Bl
101 Joeleen Cox/Dr Three Ohs Fli
102 Jamie Riley/Hey I Prom King
103 Hannah Griffin/Deacon
104 Laney Acord/Corona
105 Mikela Lorash/Stella
106 Vickie Gilje/Ima Bay Gourmet
107 Codie Bowen/CodyNightHorse
108 Kate Sturman/Dudley
109 Ronda Holwell/Stoli Talkim
110 Whitney Grice/Raren Quincy
111 BreAnne Pino/Dual Freckled C
112 Teresa Wolff/Rockin Ruby Per
113 Anna Paris/Rosie Red Bullion
114 Tammy Thompson/Wannahollarhe
115 Kayla Reed/RNF Gay Bar Royal
116 Vanessa Hardy/Laces Impressi
117 Sarah Crimmins/TS Sunnymadem
118 Sam Lenhardt/Merri Saneta
119 Terri Kaye Kirkland/Alph
120 Buckshot Nelson/China
121 Keon Craig/Wee Quincy Boom
122 Milee Dailey/Top Of The Sail
123 Bailee Murnion/Buck Fever Que
124 Sadie Christoferson/Jae Barni
125 Bailee Stovall/Sexy Picnic
126 Anna Callaway/Shakira
127 Shirlee Kaczmarek/Tadpole
128 Shelly Johnson/Sadie
129 Jodi Klind/Martha Fast Chic
130 (C) Sadie Christoferson/SD Th

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